COVID-19 and migration

How has the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the migration landscape in the Americas? Are we better prepared for the next global emergency?

The vulnerability that accompanies people on the move presents itself in many forms, but COVID-19 has amplified the risks faced by migrants and refugees in a new and dangerous ways. Refugees who live in overcrowded camps or in degraded and overpopulated urban surroundings may lack tools or capacity to prevent the transmission of diseases in such environments.

The voices and experiences of migrants and refugees are usually absent from research related to COVID-19. Additionally, their needs are overlooked when responses to the disease are designed.
Therefore, the MSF Scientific Days LatAm 2022 conference will investigate the ways COVID-19 has increased health risks and vulnerability for migrants and refugees all over the world.

What will we talk about?

  1. Migrant population in the Americas and the impact of COVID-19 for migration and on health conditions of people on the move.
  2. Access to healthcare, including maternal and mental health.
  3. Other issues that simultaneously relate to migration and health in the COVID-19 era.

Sessions will include original research and active discussions about how to assist a population of critical importance but chronically undervalued during the COVID-19 response.

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